Love is in the air, everyone is preparing surprises and gifts. And of course, we couldn’t stay away and prepared for you, our favorite players, new version 1.5, which will appear in stores in the nearest future.

In this version:

– More than 20 new creatures in the mood for love.

– Two new artifacts in the Shop.

– Swiping between the windows of the creatures.

– Notification about the reset of tax collection and other timers within the game.

– The damage range of some of the charged attacks is increased – take more steps to dodge!

– Improved handling of short-term Internet loss on the catch screen and elsewhere.

– Fixed the problem of time loss for eggs of the Mother of Dragons.

– Fixed the problem with Wild Monster that sometimes did not want to attack again.

– Fixed the short-term absence of enemies for the Duel of Wizards.

– Improved interface screens for selected phone models (including iPhoneX).

– Improved descriptions of items and texts of messages.