Update 1.3 Changes

Elyland announced some of the changes that are already happening upon th arrival of 1.3. With this version we expect more creatures.

Until we get the update though these changes are in Effect already:

Christmas holidays are coming, and version 1.3 is coming along with them. Some of the changes are already available today!

Here are some of them:

– Chests in the Rift of Arcana no longer appear beyond its borders;

– The mechanism of choosing an enemy in the Duel has been improved;

– Combat parameters of Charybdis have been increased (the change will apply when you power up the creature);

– If an Arena has a Blessing of Defense effect, the Armageddon spell will only remove this effect;

– The Arena Defense spell lasts for 72 hours;

– The bug in re-using the Arena Defense spell has been fixed;

– Spell casting is available from level 5;

– Participation in the Duel of Wizards is available from level 5;

– Experience and essence for victory in the Duel of Wizards are increased by 50%;

– The defining of the element for pheromones when the day changes has been fixed;

– The use of a Pillar of Abundance in the Rift no longer interferes with the quest of a chain of Pillars;

– The mechanism of Champions’ attacks on Arenas has been improved;

– Inaccuracies in the calculation of experience and fame in the battles in Arenas have been fixed.

And, of course, the most expected changes will be available when the updated version 1.3 appears in stores.”


We’ll bring you more news soon..