Update 1.2.1: Changes on Arenas and more

Elyland issued an announcement with changes in Draconius GO, with the most notable one being the Champions in Arenas. From now on “Champions”(Not Real Players) from Each Order (Team) will take over gyms for their Order if a Gym is occupied by the other Order for too long.

In other words, if you own a gym for too long Elyland has implemented a system where a fake/computer player called Champion takes over this gym for the enemy. If you want to hold back this gym you will have to fight this Champion and place your creature back again. The champion according to the community at r/DraconiusGO will only need to be defeated once to make the gym neutral(yellow) again.

Although at first glance this might look a bit unfair, we think that Elyland wants to challenge you in participating on Arena Fights more.

Check the full announcement here:

“The conflict between the Red and the Blue Orders is gaining momentum, and the Champions of the Order are going to war. Champions are experienced beastmasters who will support their Orders in battles for Arenas. If a faction owns the Arena for too long, the Champions will periodically attack it, helping the players of their Order to pry it away from the enemy. If the Arena weakens too much, the Champion will take it. In this case, he will use strong monsters to protect it. Players will be able to look for Arenas protected by stronger Champions to strengthen the buildings even more and jointly defend them against enemy faction attacks. Champions never attack Arenas that are protected by the “Blessing of Defense” spell.

In addition, the following changes have been made:

– The EULA has been updated.

– The level of opponents in the Duel is reduced (except for the Golden League).

– The ability to distinguish creatures with ideal stats from others (5/5) is added.

– Scrolling through Arenas’ defenders is improved.

– The bug of the enemy freezing in battle with 0 HP is fixed.

– The bug of being counted as defeated by a wild monster in case of a victory is fixed.

– Models and animations of some creatures are fixed.

– Some inaccuracies in the texts are fixed.

– The Mother of Dragons’ cocoon breaks in the Rift after being used.

– Sorting creatures by their Bestiary number is improved.

– The bug of losing several spheres when throwing one to capture a creature is fixed.

– The error of counting of Duel results with unstable Internet connection is fixed.

– The bug of losing a treasure when entering the Silver League is fixed.

– The bug of receiving different buffs by players from the same chest is fixed.

– The cost of spells that create magical towers has been reduced.”


Waiting for more to come…