New Event Announced: 50% More XP and Essence

There was a announcement by Elyland regarding a brand new event starting… Now through December 14. Elyland invites us to become Stronger in order to be able yo fight the strong creatures in Arenas, Libraries and Battles!!

The announcement:

“The fight for Arenas, Libraries and battles in the Duels of Wizards require tremendous power! To win, you will need experience and essence to make your creatures worthy of great battles.

It’s time to gain some experience!

+ 50% of experience for your characters

+ 50% of essence for your creatures

– 20% on sets of Crystals of Wisdom.

The special offer will last until December 14 inclusive.

Great power only comes together with great wisdom.”


Remember that there is another event in effect as well. Winter Event will most likely end tomorrow. That being said today and partially tomorrow seems to be the perfect day to play serious as these two events overlap…


See you….