Element/ Type Effectiveness

Element Effectiveness in Draconius GO might be a little different than the ones you have met in other games (e.g Pokemon). Each Element is Strong and Weak against another Element. However due to the limit of the Draconius Go Types, we can extract more information, if we examine closer the basic Element table:

Element Stronger Against Weaker Against
Arcana Air Fire
Earth Arcana Water
Fire Earth Air
Water Fire Arcana
Air Water Earth


Lets take Earth as an example to understand the Nature of Elements in Draconius go. As you can see from the table above we can find Earth playing its role in these Lines:

Element Strong Against Weak Against
Earth Arcana Water
Fire Earth Air
Air Water Earth


As you see Earth is very Strong Against Arcana Element. Now look at the Air Effectiveness shown above. Here you see that Air is actually weak againstĀ  Earth.
That is why we can safely say that , although Earth Element is Stronger against Arcana, it is effective against Air as well.

Respectively, although Earth is Week against Water, we can see that Fire is strong against Earth, that could be translated that Earth is weaker against Water but also takes damage good damage from Fire.

That being Said an complete table of effectiveness could look like this:

Element Stronger Against Weaker Against Good Against Weak Against
Arcana Air Fire Water Earth
Earth Arcana Water Air Fire
Fire Earth Air Arcana Water
Water Fire Arcana Earth Air
Air Water Earth Fire Arcana