Draconius GO Team calls Pokemon GO Players for an Interview

Elyland, the team behind Draconius GO knows that many players who play Draconius GO are also playing Pokemon GO. Since there was always a big comparison between the two games they thought to hear their voice and opinions. Elyland has issued the following announcement calling every Pokemon GO player out there:

“Draconius GO is always being compared to Pokemon GO. We thought it over and decided to hear from those who can really make a comparison knowing some things about PoGo.

We want to get an interview with Pokemon GO 35+ level players and publish it on our official platforms. After all, who else but the max level players can compare qualitatively two games of the same genre?

So, we are looking for Pokemon GO 35+ level trainers, who are now playing Draconius GO or played it earlier. We will be especially glad to hear from the members of the club 40.

To participate in it, please fill out the form: https://goo.gl/forms/Yi1mnNz2dDaKJzPp2

We promise interesting questions, 15 minutes of fame and 1000 dracoins to every daredevil whose opinion will be published!”


Go ahead and tell them what you think…