Changes Coming

Weather is getting colder so Elyland announced some changes towards this. Dragon’s Eyesight now costs less and the possibility of getting one from a pillar of abundance has been increased! There are also changes on egg hatches and spells.

Let us check the changes ahead as announced:

1. The chance to get the Dragon’s Eyesight from a chest has been significantly increased.
2. The cost of the Dragon’s Eyesight in the Shop has been reduced to 300 coins.
3. The range of the Dragon’s Eyesight has been increased by 20%.
4. After the Winter Invasion, pheromones, lures and elemental towers will generate 25% more creatures than before.
5. Spells of the elemental towers have become cheaper.
6. The Rift of Arcana spell has become cheaper and available to a large group.
7. The “Long Hands” spell lasts for 7 days.
8. Disguir, Rosie, Magglad, Snailyn and Cuticat may now hatch from 10 km and 10 h eggs. The chance of hatching less useful creatures has been reduced.
9. You’ll get a Crystal of Wisdom for reaching level 22, 23, 24 and 26.