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Pheromone Type per Day and Counter

Pheromones are a huge deal in Draconius go. Mostly because you can “manipulate” its use to your advantage. Every day is a different Pheromone day in Draconius GO, meaning that Pheromones once “fired up”...



These are the available Structures/Building in Draconius GO:   Pillar Of Abudance   Arena   Library   Obelisk   Portal Mother Of Dragons


Shadow Guide

We made a simple Shadow Guide on the Monsters you may Encounter in Draconius Go. The next picture will guide you through which monster is hiding under the silHouette you are seeing in your...


Recipes (Spells)

The Available Recipes in Draconius GO are.       Rift of Arcana   Field of Abundance     Gift of the Golden Dragon     Blessing for Defense     Purification by Fire...



The Current Availbale Items in Dragonius GO are: Apprentice’s sphere   Master’s sphere   Ruler’s sphere   Lure   Pheromones   Egg   Shovel   Small Healing Potion   Medium Healing Potion   Great...



Now Fully Updated!!     ID Creature Type Max CP Pet Distance 001 Frogus Water  500 1 Km 002 Frogissimo Water  720 1 Km 003 Berrydillo Earth  500 1 Km 004 Shamurf Earth  720...