Best Moveset by Creature

Here is a list of the Best Available Moveset per Creature in Draconius GO.

ID Name Creature Best Quick Best Charge
 001 Frogus froggus Wave Crystallization
 002 Frogissimo frogissimo Water Fist Crystallization
 003 Berrydillo berrydillo Spine Breaker Rift
 004 Shamurf shamurf Rock Rift
 005 Dribble dribble Sea Hammer Crystallization
 006 Sprinkle sprinkle Rainfall Power of Ice
 007 Spiritus spiritus Hot Spring Tsunami
 008 Kelpie kelpie Sea Hammer Crystallization
 009 Mymmyween mymmyween Cinderer Fountain of Fire
 010 Dummyween dummyween Fire Sphere Scorching
 011 Earbat earbat Waft Goosebumps
 012 Earaught earaught Electric Shock Goosebumps
 013 Axolan axolan Eye of Horror Wrath of Arcana
 014 Grandalotl grandalotl Cruciarcus Excluding
 015 Potty potty Fire Sphere Scorching
 016 Firepaw firepaw Coal Fountain of Fire
 017 Lavion lavion Fire Sphere Scorching
 018 SunTzi suntzi Fireball Storm
 019 Airver airver Rage of Wind Goosebumps
 020 Eskimo eskimo Electric Shock Storm
 021 Spikeback spikeback Sphere of Darkness Ionization
 022 Scarecrow scarecrow Eye of Horror Ionization
 023 Rookie rookie Sphere of Darkness Ionization
 024 Marid marid Sphere of Peril Wrath of Arcana
 025 Genie genie Cadaur’s Arcana Excluding
 026 Bellflow bellflow Rock Rift
 027 Dwantflow dwantflow Spine Breaker Rift
 028 Brownie brownie Snakes Tooth Rift
 029 Brag brag Spine Breaker Rift
 030 Chappian chappian Rock Rift
 031 Flowy flowy Rock Rift
 032 Plantic plantic Spine Breaker Rift
 033 Gardrag gardrag Spine Breaker Swirl of Stones
 034 Leaflet leaflet Rock Swirl of Stones
 035 Dryad dryad Tree Ghost Swirl of Stones
 036 Twigo twigo Spine Breaker Rift
 037 Steampal steampal Fire Sphere Scorching
 038 Helsailor helsailor Fire Sphere Fountain of Fire
 039 Ironguy ironguy Cinderer Scorching
 040 Shroomy shroomy Waft Goosebumps
 041 Windance windance Air Sickle Storm
 042 Mushtopia mushtopia Electric Shock Storm
 043 Princie princie Spirit of Forest Swirl of Stones
 044 Earthborn earthborn Rock Rift
 045 Acornling acornling Rock Swirl of Stones
 046 Hopbear hopbear Spine Breaker Rift
 047 Parabeast parabeast Rock Rift
 048 Overaquian overaquian Sea Hammer Crystallization
 049 Mediaquian mediaquian Shark’s Bite Crystallization
 050 Underaquian undersquian Rainfall Tsunami
 051 Flamy flamy Fire Sphere Fountain of Fire
 052 Firefly firefly Cinderer Scorching
 053 Gamayun gamayun Rage of Wind Roundabout
 054 Harpy harpy Dragon’s Sigh Goosebumps
 055 Dadachum dadachum Sea Hammer Crystallization
 056 Dadachock dadachock Shark’s Bite Crystallization
 057 Phoby phoby Cinderer Scorching
 058 Phoenix phoenix Finger of Fire Scorching
 059 Caesar caesar Shooting Fountain of Fire
 060 Spooky spooky Burster Storm
 061 Phantomo phantomo Air Sickle Storm
 062 Ghostus ghostus Rage of Wind Goosebumps
 063 Vampiro vampiro Sphere of Peril Ionization
 064 Dracool dracool Arrow of Arcana Ionization
 065 Batoid batoid Sea Hammer Tsunami
 066 Mantari mantari Rainfall Tsunami
 067 Advise advise Eye of Horror Wrath of Arcana
 068 Absolerm absolerm Sphere of Darkness Excluding
 069 Infalisk infalisk Wave Crystallization
070 Puerolisk puerolisk Shark’s Bite Crystallization
 071 Basilisk basilisk Rainfall Power of Ice
 072 Minor minor Sea Hammer Power of Ice
 073 Falhor falhor Water Fist Crystallization
 074 Melhor melhor Splash Tsunami
 075 Incumus incumus Finger of fire Scorching
 076 Daemonstar daemonstar Living Flame Scorching
 077 Tempter tempter Fire Sphere Scorching
 078 Fluffycorn fluffycorn Fireball Storm
 079 Aerycorn aerycorn Electric Shock Goosebumps
 080 Hippofly hippofly Shock Therapy Storm
 081 Jellyhat jellyhat Shark’s Bite Crystallization
 082 Tentahat tentahat Splash Tsunami
 083 Crystallhat crystallhat Hot Spring Tsunami
 084 Kiddra kiddra Cinderer Fountain of Fire
 085 Hydra hydra Fire Sphere Scorching
 086 Undine undine Electric Shock Roundabout
 087 Stormdine stormdine Rage of Wind Goosewbumps
 088 Phylo phylo Rock Rift
 089 Dao dao Spine Breaker Rift
 090 Yogi yogi Nature’s Shaddow Swirl of Stones
 091 Disguir disguir Rock Rift
 092 Troll troll Tree Ghost Acid
 093 Grendel grendel Tree Ghost Swirl of Stones
 094 Spark spark Cinderer Scorching
 095 Blaze blaze Fire Sphere Scorching
 096 Salute salute Fire Sphere Armageddon
 097 Infird infird Shock Therapy Storm
 098 Puerogryph puerogryph Electric Shock Storm
 099 Gryphon gryphon Rage of Wind Roundabout
 100 Needlehot needlehot Fire Sphere Armageddon
 101 Flibustus flibustus Shooting Fountain of Fire
 102 Picaroon picaroon Coal Armageddon
 103 Cheshir cheshir Fireball Storm
 104 Pillowcat pillowcat Air Sickle Storm
 105 Bajun bajun Dragon’s Sigh Roundabout
 106 Scylla scylla Rock Acid
 107 Rosie rosie Sphere of Darkness Ionization
 108 Softail softail Sphere of Peril Excluding
 109 Sharptail sharptail Sphere of Darkness Ionization
 110 Rosebud rosebud Eye of Horror Wrath of Arcana
 111 Smoargh smoargh Fire Sphere Armageddon
 112 Charybdis charybdis Electric Shock Roundabout
 113 Magglad magglad Sphere of Darkness Ionization
 114 Snailyn snailyn Eye of Horror Ionization
 115 Twist twist Eye of Horror Ionization
 116 Curly curly Sphere of Peril Wrath of Arcana
 117 Cuticat cuticat Cadaur’s Arcana Excluding
 118 Mantikid mantikid Sphere of Peril Ionization
 119 Tigermant tigermant Eye of Horror Ionization
 120 Manticore manticore Eye of Horror Wrath of Arcana
 121 Armorank armorank Splash Power of Ice
 122 Inur inur Sphere of Peril Ionization
 123 Morgoroth morgoroth Eye of Horror Wrath of Arcana
 124 Neptune neptune Rainfall Power of Ice
 125 Leviathan leviathan Splash Power of Ice